"Build Your Brand"
A FREE, 5-day workshop where you'll learn how to create a personal brand so you can stand out in the sea of network marketers and make more money, rank up and make more impact.

It's time to say goodbye to the same old, same old and say hello to what makes YOU special. 
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Blend in and fall behind.
Or stand out and thrive.
There are MILLIONS of network marketers out there. What makes you different?

Just like you, they’re hustlin' to find their own customers, get more sales, and recruit team members... 

So how do you set yourself apart in this day and age of social media and spammy network marketers? 

It's not enough to rely on your company and just share their cookie-cutter social media posts and newsletters.
It's not enough to just post pics of your products (no matter how awesome they are). 
You need to think beyond what you sell. And beyond your company. 

That’s where creating your BRAND comes into play!

But where do you start? (And what's a brand anyway?)
You Start Here...

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Here's What We'll Cover:

Day 1 - Managing Your Mindset

Do you ever feel like you've got nothing special to offer? And that everyone else is better? Well, sister, I'm here to tell you that's a big fat lie. On Day 1 we're gonna tackle this belief with the TRUTH so you can see how amazing you truly are!! 

Day 2 - Identifying Your Superpower

Knowing your superpower is an important part of building your brand. (And yes... you DO have one.) During day 2, I'll guide you through some exercises to help you identify your zone of genius. It's time for you to shine, girl. Are you ready?

Day 3 - Learning to Stand Out

In order to have a successful brand, you've got to stand out. On Day 3, I'll teach you how to use your superpower not only to brand yourself but to also add an additional stream of revenue to your life. Um, YES!! You can make money with your brand!!  This day will blow your mind!

Day 4 - Mapping Out Your Brand

Once you understand how your superpower plays a part in your brand, it's then time to figure out what role it will play in your business. During Day 4, we'll map out what type of content you can start sharing with your audience in order to build your brand.

Building a Brand that Makes Money

Yes, you CAN make money with your personal brand and hint: it's not just with your product. On Day 5, I'm going to help you think bigger and out of the box and you begin to envision the different facets to your brand. After this training, you'll know exactly what to do next and how to start making money.

About Your Host

Rachel Perry


My name is Rachel Perry, and I help network marketers brand themselves 'outside' of their company.

Let’s be real… the direct sales industry can be amazing but it can also be unreliable, unpredictable and frustrating. Building a personal brand is the ONLY way to create the stability and income you crave.

If you're a past or present direct seller looking to make an impact and are tired of the same old push and grind of getting sales and finding new recruits, this bootcamp is for you!

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